Cognitive Diversity

Capture and capitalize on the thinking preferences of your team to solve problems and create creative solutions to challenges.
What if you could capture - and capitalize - on the thinking preferences of everyone on your team? Just as people have preferences for foods and colors, they also have measurably different preferences when it comes to solving problems or tackling challenges. Some people seek to clarify the issue/problem (What’s the history, context, data?), others to ideate (I have an idea!), while others prefer to develop (Let’s work out the kinks first.), while others are inclined to implement (Let’s do this!). Many of us have more than one thinking preference that energizes us. The FourSight Thinking Profile, often referred to simply as FourSight, is a research-based measure helps individuals and teams:
  • Recognize and then capitalize on cognitive diversity
  • Focus on wrestling with challenges versus wrestling with each other
  • Strengthen the synergy and productivity of teams
  • Foster a climate that draws maximum potential
  • Solve problems better!
Cognitive Diversity
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