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Teamwork and the Introvert

We discuss how introverts can thrive in a teamwork environment. Changes in the workplace from the pandemic have been beneficial to many introverts who have been working in hyper-collaborative workspaces. Quinn Jones shares his experience working in the IT industry for over 25 years. As a CIO/CTO he has to balance the needs of his team members for maximum results and engagement.

Hacking LinkedIn to Improve Teamwork

On this episode, we talk to social media expert Richard Bliss how to hack the LinkedIn algorithm for maximum organization impact and employee engagement and teamwork.

Manage More with Less Burnout

A recent study shows that burnout and stress are higher than a year ago during the height of the pandemic. Many professional are doing more with less. Special guest Amy Murray shares her experience how to manage more with less burnout.

Projects and Contractor Teamwork Secrets

The expansion of remote teams dispersed across the globe poses challenges for many managers. Special guest, Theresa Walsh-Arietta shares strategies she uses to keep contractor and project teams engaged and connected.

Direct Sales: Ethics & Competition

In this interesting and entertaining episode as we host international speaker including three TEDx talks, Special guest Leta Greene, also known as "Hotness." She inspires us to embrace what makes each of us individually hot and amazing! She discusses an interesting twist on hotness as it relates to ethics and competition in the entrepreneurial world of direct sales.

A Better Process to Attract Top Talent

Talent attraction is a key component of team performance. Quality leadership is in high demand and short supply. Our special guest Bill Humbert has 40 years of professional talent attraction experience. He joins hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier on the TeamWork a Better Way Podcast, to share a better process to attract top talent.

Be Needed Less, and Wanted More

Will your organization grow without you? Are you limiting your teams growth? Special guest Dan Merkley, founding partner of Endurance Sports Summit, discussed with Spencer Horn and Christian Napier how you can help your team to execute on their own, without you helicoptering over them.

Team Spirit in a World Dominated by Lone Wolves

There are many today who argue that with all the conflict in the world today, it is easier to go it alone. Some thought leaders suggest individuals train themselves to be alone professionally and personally. Some business environments are very complex so the "lone wolf" mentality may seem appealing. This is often true in the law profession. Spencer hosts special guest Oana Sarbu. Ms. Sârbu is an elite lawyer and Partner at Domokos Partners, Attorneys at Law, and discusses the benefits of teamwork especially in an industry dominated by lone wolves.

How to Disagree Agreeably

Most leaders agree that diversity equity and inclusion is a good thing. However, when different perspectives show up in meetings and between employee discussions they may get uncomfortable and avoid difficult conversations. This is a missed opportunity. Spencer Horn and Christian Napier discuss how to disagree agreeably to harness the power of debate and strengthen your team performance and trust.

Endurance. Leadership in Extreme Circumstances

After 106 years, the Endurance has been found in the Antarctic. We can learn a great deal about leadership in extreme circumstances from Ernest Shackleton's and his crew as they struggled to survive for two years. Christian Napier and Spencer Horn discuss leadership lessons that can be applied to our businesses and lives today.

Characteristics of High Performing Teams

We know diversity has a positive impact on your bottom line? When we consider diversity, we often forget about certain characteristics that leads to high performance. Christian Napier and I discuss characteristics that will help with your diversity and consequently your team performance.

Do Your Employees Love Working for You?

Author, Founder and CEO Dave Mammano shares his ideas with hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier about how organization leaders can promote an environment where people love to work

What do your employees really want?

What do your employees really want? Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier discuss a recent Gallup poll presenting the top factors influencing people's employment decisions.

The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Teams

Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier welcome Cheryl Knowlton to the podcast and discuss the top five mistakes people make with teams. Listeners can find Cheryl on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cherylknowlton/

How to Keep Your Best Performers Engaged

Why are my top performers leaving? The "Great Resignation" impacted many organizations top performers. Many of them are aspiring for greater opportunities, development and growth. Hosts Christian Napier and Spencer Horn are joined by special guest Heath Barnes on the Team Work a Better Way Podcast session. Heath shares his experience on how to keep your people engaged.

Increase your innovative mojo!

How do you get your team unstuck and increase your innovative mojo? Christian Napier and I discuss the Einstellung effect presented in the Inc. Magazine article "Want to Be More Innovative and Creative? Science Says Avoid the Dreaded Einstellung Effect" We share three ideas you can use right now!

The Great Resignation

Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier discuss the challenges facing CEOs and executives to develop and retain talent. Spencer offers recommendations to help CEOs find time and prioritize developing their direct reports.

University of Utah Football - A Case Study in Teamwork

Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier discuss the Rose Bowl-bound University of Utah football team. Coach Kyle Whittingham created a culture of identity that enabled the team to develop the traits needed to overcome incredible adversity and claim its first Pac-12 championship.

Teamwork - A Better Way

Spencer Horn and Christian Napier focus on how teamwork has changed in the last 18 months, and discuss innovations from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Episode 50 - Productive Conflict

Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier talk about the wonder of Italian food and take a counter-intuitive look at conflict in teams (recorded 23 April 2021).

Episode 49 - Psychological Flexibility

Dr. Matthew Nielsen, Clinical Psychologist and winner of the Air Force Psychologist of the Year Award, Air Force Surgeon General Research Award and many other honors, joins hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier to discuss ways people can build psychological flexibility during challenging times (recorded 5 April 2021).

Episode 48 - Own the New Normal

Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier continue their conversation about strategies for understanding and dealing with a year of grief (recorded 23 March 2021).

Episode 47 - A Special Anniversary

One year ago today, hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier recorded the first episode of the Team Performance - Winning Ways for Uncertain Times podcast. They look back at the year that has transpired, the incredible toll a year of pandemic has wrought personally and professionally, and strategies to manage the grief so many of us are experiencing (recorded 17 March 2021).

Episode 46 - The Promise To The One

Hall of Fame speaker, author and leadership expert Jason Hewlett joins hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier and dives into the motivation and incredible process for writing "The Promise To The One" and announces the formation of The Promise Institute (recorded 24 February 2021).

Episode 45 - The Team Diagnostic Model

Did you know that only 12% of teams consider themselves high performing? Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier introduce the Team Diagnostic Model, a two-dimensional, 14-step approach to maximizing team performance (recorded 16 February 2021).

Episode 44 - Live Your Days

Four-time World Men's Figure Skating Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton joins hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier in an amazing conclusion to this week's Team Performance sports-themed episodes! Scott shares his incredible story and discusses how to "Live Your Days" (recorded 11 February 2021).

Episode 43 - Maximizing Performance with Analytics: The Seattle Seahawks

It's Sports Week on the Team Performance Podcast! In the first of two amazing episodes, Chip Suttles, Seattle Seahawks CIO and Josh Smith, Seattle Seahawks Analytics guru, join hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier to discuss how the Seahawks organization successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and how the team uses cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to maximize team performance and player health and safety (recorded 4 February 2021).

Episode 42 - The Trajectory Code

Dr. Jeffrey Magee - best-selling author and certified board executive, speaking professional, management consultant and professional direct marker - joins hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier in a special Team Performance episode to introduce two key formulas for success (Recorded 18 January 2021).

Episode 41 - The Power to Pivot: A Case Study

Todd Dennett and Maureen Sweeney, Co-Founders and Partners at Tiller Language Services (TLS) – a globally recognized interpretation and translation agency with big-name clients from across the corporate, government and NGO sectors - join hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier to share how a solid business strategy developed in 2014 enabled TLS to innovate through COVID-19 and generate record results (Recorded 13 January 2021).

Episode 40 - Goals That Stick

Hosts Spencer Horn and Christian Napier continue the conversation about setting goals that stick beyond "Quitter's Day" (Recorded 12 January 2021).

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