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Teamwork Revival: Overcoming the Post-Covid Hangover

Join us on the TeamWork a Better Way podcast, where we explore the challenges and solutions to effective teamwork in today's evolving work landscape. In this episode, ...

Microstress & Team Performance

In addition to its impact on individual well-being, microstress can also have a significant impact on team performance. When team members are dealing with accumulated ...

Inflation-Proof Your Career

What's the best investment to beat inflation? The answer might surprise you! In this episode of the Teamwork a Better Way podcast, we explore Warren Buffet's inflation...

The Power of Potential

Discover the secrets of team performance in this episode of the Team Performance Podcast with special guest Lysa Morrison. With 16 years of experience in coaching, con...

Team DNA: The Secret to High-Performing Teams

In this episode, we are excited to welcome Fraser Bullock, CEO of the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Olympic Games. Join hosts Christian Napier and me as we del...

The Great Disruption

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more integrated into our daily lives, but what impact will it have on the labor market? According to a new report from Goldman...

Rise to the Challenge

In this episode of the Project Management Podcast, Christian Napier and Spencer Horn explore the current state of project management careers in the midst of economic d...

Servant Leadership

Welcome to the latest episode of TeamWork A Better Way podcast! In this episode, hosts Christian Napier and Spencer Horn are joined by special guest Steve Ramona, the ...

Got Accountability?

Accountability is often sought and rarely found. Most managers struggle to balance empowering their team with compassion and responsibility. Christian Napier and Spenc...

Building Reliable Systems

In this episode, special guest, Vhance Valencia joins 🌎 Christian Napier and Spencer Horn to explore the four stages of business and what systems look like at each sta...

The Future of Teamwork: Exploring the Impact of ChatGPT

In this episode of the “TeamWork A Better Way” podcast, Christian Napier and Spencer Horn dive into the world of ChatGPT and its potential impact on the way teams work...

The Introvert's Edge

Are you an introvert that hates networking? Do you feel like you are required to have the “gift of gab” to succeed? This can be mentally and physically exhausting. Joi...

How Games Can Be Used To Train Teams And Cook Up A Positive Culture

Workplace culture expert, Frank Kitchen, joins Christian Napier and Spencer Horn to discuss a recipe to cook up a positive culture for crafting the mindset needed to s...

Your Team Needs You...to Hire Better People Faster

Your team wants to work with great people but they need you to find those people and do it quickly.

Cognitive Diversity

Capture and capitalize on the thinking preferences of your team to solve problems and create creative solutions to challenges.

The Calendar Purge

Some organizations are canceling most meetings. They hope it will lead to more productivity. Is this the right play or an overreaction?

Finding Strength in Your Weakness

Many experts argue we must only work on our strengths and that somehow this approach will magically make our weaknesses disappear. If you are not having the success in...

Striking Balance

Are current layoffs justified? How do you save your company as the economy shrinks and maintain team performance? Getting the balance right can be tricky.

The Problem with Communication...

Have you ever thought you communicated clearly and were surprised when the outcome of your communication was different than your expectation? You are not alone.

Does Your Team Have Heart

How can a team without any superstars excel?

Office or Remote?

Who is driving the movement to return to the office debate?

Extinguish Burnout Now!

There is a worldwide burnout epidemic. Join Christian Napier and Spencer Horn as they talk about the problem of burnout and what you can do to stop it.

The Power of Positivity

The power and impact of positivity on teams is immense.

Mindfulness It's Not What You Think

Are you ready for a little less anxiety? Learn tried-and-true techniques for creating ease in the mind and body.

'Digital Presenteeism' and Asynchronous Privilege

Senior executives are experiencing great asynchronous work privileges while most workers are required to prove digital presenteeism. Studies show that employees are wo...

Your Brand Sucks

Does your personal brand suck?

Become a Team Influencer

Teams are the engines that drive successful organizations. Christian Napier and Spencer Horn share their experiences and lessons learned to help you become a team infl...

Confidence to Unlock Performance

Overcome self-doubt, impostor syndrome, procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

The Neurology Behind Effective Company Culture and Teams

The secret to creating a company culture that contributes to high performing teams.

Creating an Anti-Fragile Team

Many teams are functioning under extreme stress and pressure. What can team leaders do to help their teams thrive in these conditions?

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