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Your Team Needs You...to Hire Better People Faster

Your team wants to work with great people but they need you to find those people and do it quickly.

Cognitive Diversity

Capture and capitalize on the thinking preferences of your team to solve problems and create creative solutions to challenges.

The Calendar Purge

Some organizations are canceling most meetings. They hope it will lead to more productivity. Is this the right play or an overreaction?

Finding Strength in Your Weakness

Many experts argue we must only work on our strengths and that somehow this approach will magically make our weaknesses disappear. If you are not having the success in...

Striking Balance

Are current layoffs justified? How do you save your company as the economy shrinks and maintain team performance? Getting the balance right can be tricky.

The Problem with Communication...

Have you ever thought you communicated clearly and were surprised when the outcome of your communication was different than your expectation? You are not alone.

Does Your Team Have Heart

How can a team without any superstars excel?

Office or Remote?

Who is driving the movement to return to the office debate?

Extinguish Burnout Now!

There is a worldwide burnout epidemic. Join Christian Napier and Spencer Horn as they talk about the problem of burnout and what you can do to stop it.

The Power of Positivity

The power and impact of positivity on teams is immense.

Mindfulness It's Not What You Think

Are you ready for a little less anxiety? Learn tried-and-true techniques for creating ease in the mind and body.

'Digital Presenteeism' and Asynchronous Privilege

Senior executives are experiencing great asynchronous work privileges while most workers are required to prove digital presenteeism. Studies show that employees are wo...

Your Brand Sucks

Does your personal brand suck?

Become a Team Influencer

Teams are the engines that drive successful organizations. Christian Napier and Spencer Horn share their experiences and lessons learned to help you become a team infl...

Confidence to Unlock Performance

Overcome self-doubt, impostor syndrome, procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

The Neurology Behind Effective Company Culture and Teams

The secret to creating a company culture that contributes to high performing teams.

Creating an Anti-Fragile Team

Many teams are functioning under extreme stress and pressure. What can team leaders do to help their teams thrive in these conditions?

Crowdsource Your Story

9 out of 10 people trust what people say about a business more than what the business says about itself. Hosts Christian Napier and Spencer Horn discuss new, innovativ...

The Definition of Success is Changing, Are You Ready?

What does the future of work look? Executives and their employees have very different perspectives.

Teamwork and the Introvert

We discuss how introverts can thrive in a teamwork environment. Changes in the workplace from the pandemic have been beneficial to many introverts who have been workin...

Hacking LinkedIn to Improve Teamwork

On this episode, we talk to social media expert Richard Bliss how to hack the LinkedIn algorithm for maximum organization impact and employee engagement and teamwork.

Manage More with Less Burnout

A recent study shows that burnout and stress are higher than a year ago during the height of the pandemic. Many professional are doing more with less. Special guest Am...

Projects and Contractor Teamwork Secrets

The expansion of remote teams dispersed across the globe poses challenges for many managers. Special guest, Theresa Walsh-Arietta shares strategies she uses to keep co...

Direct Sales: Ethics & Competition

In this interesting and entertaining episode as we host international speaker including three TEDx talks, Special guest Leta Greene, also known as "Hotness." She inspi...

A Better Process to Attract Top Talent

Talent attraction is a key component of team performance. Quality leadership is in high demand and short supply. Our special guest Bill Humbert has 40 years of profess...

Be Needed Less, and Wanted More

Will your organization grow without you? Are you limiting your teams growth? Special guest Dan Merkley, founding partner of Endurance Sports Summit, discussed with Spe...

Team Spirit in a World Dominated by Lone Wolves

There are many today who argue that with all the conflict in the world today, it is easier to go it alone. Some thought leaders suggest individuals train themselves to...

How to Disagree Agreeably

Most leaders agree that diversity equity and inclusion is a good thing. However, when different perspectives show up in meetings and between employee discussions they ...

Endurance. Leadership in Extreme Circumstances

After 106 years, the Endurance has been found in the Antarctic. We can learn a great deal about leadership in extreme circumstances from Ernest Shackleton's and his cr...

Characteristics of High Performing Teams

We know diversity has a positive impact on your bottom line? When we consider diversity, we often forget about certain characteristics that leads to high performance. ...

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